Green Brighty STEP-3 (250ml)

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SKU: 103-0032

Green Brighty STEP 1
103-0012 STEP1 250 ml
103-001 STEP1 500 ml
103-0011 STEP1 5,000ml
Period/ Early stage -3 months
STEP 1 has trace elements in good balance, and promotes plant spread new leaves.

Green Brighty STEP 2
103-0022 STEP2 250ml
103-002 STEP2 500ml
103-0021 STEP2 5,000ml

Period/ 3 months-1 year
Among other trace elements, aquatic plants require Iron in this period, and iron deficiency often causes whitening of plants buds or leaves. Green Brighty STEP 2 is rich in Iron.

Green Brighty STEP 3
103-0032 STEP3 250ml
103-003 STEP3 500ml
103-0031 STEP3 5,000ml

Period/ after 1 year
Green Brighty STEP 3, formulated with Iron and Potassium, helps photosynthesis and improves the conditions of the aquatic plants which are often obstructed by
oxidized environment.

The environment inside aquarium tank is oxidized as time progresses and the growth of water plants are changing. ADA adopted the STEP fertilization system which corresponds to each stage of growth, or growth Step of your aquatic plants. The Green Brighty STEP Series, enables efficient supplement of nutrient elements to meet the requirements of all your aquatic plants which change in time.

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