Aqua Soil Powder - Malaya (9l)

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SKU: 104-042

The ocher colour of ADA Aqua Soil Powder Malaya recreates the appearance of the natural substrate found in rivers in Southeast Asia.

Aqua Soil Powder Malaya creates a very natural feel within your aquascape. The relatively soft granules of Malaya do not obstruct the growth of plant roots, and it is suitable for keeping the aquarium layout for a long period.

Aqua Soil Powder has a finer texture making it excellent for using in nano aquariums or for spreading over some normal Aqua Soil to achieve a finer aesthetic texture.

Characteristics of Aqua Soil Malaya;
- Ocher colour recreates the natural riverbed of South-East Asia
- Powder has a finer texture ideal for small aquariums or achieving a finer appearance
- Creates a very natural aquascape
- Relatively soft granules do not obstruct root growth
- Suitable for a long-lasting aquascape

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