Online Aqua Journal: March Edition Available Now!

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The Aqua Journal Digital Edition March Issue has been released!

Special Features "Preparation - The Beginning of Skillful Layout Process"
The special feature of this month is "Preparation - The Beginning of Skillful Layout Process," introducing detailed layout making tips in steps from the preparation of aquatic plants.

Plants sold in a plastic pots or tied to lead weights cannot be planted directly into the Nature Aquarium. In this volume, you can learn how to prepare aquatic plants of every variety such as stemmed plants or foreground plants.

It also shows how regular aquatic plants and Wabi-kusa grow differently through the stages of layout making, maintenance, and completion.

Even for beginners, this issue provides vital information about planted tank layout making. It is also recommended for aquarists who want to start making a Nature Aquarium style layout or upgrade their skills.

ALL contents are in ENGLISH, so if you are interested it is only US$5 per issue - a real bargain and well worth subscribing!
Per issue: USD 5.00

Language: English

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Online Aqua Journal: March Edition Available Now!

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